Our Butterflies move through to Hedgehogs the term after their 2nd birthday where they have an exciting and challenging environment to support their learning and development.

Well-equipped zones offering age appropriate resources which are accessible to all encourage children’s choice and support our dedication to listening to our children’s voices.

They can let their imaginations fly in the home corner with the dressing up clothes and play house which can become anything from a doctor’s surgery to a construction site. In the cosy book area they can play quietly, take a rest or share a story with their friends. In the heuristic area they learn about the natural environment which they can explore further in the woodland around us through forest school activities.

The Hedgehogs outside classroom has opportunities for mark making, sand and water play. The children are often to be found there for snack time.

The large outside play area has a slide, climbing frame, see-saw and tyre swing to provide opportunities to enhance our children’s confidence and provide time for our children to start to engage in risk taking. The outside areas also provide opportunities for big scale play helping to further develop gross motor skills.

We help our little Hedgehogs to develop their independence by teaching them to drink from an open cup, use cutlery and brush their teeth after lunch. For those that are toilet training, we work with parents to fully support the process and make it as non-stressful and easy as possible.

Most of our Hedgehogs still need a nap after lunch but if they have grown out of it, they can play outside or go into Badgers for a visit until their friends wake up.

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