Our Badgers room is a fun, welcoming environment for our older 2 and 3 year olds where we lay the foundations for learning to give our Badgers the confidence to move into Pre-School.

They have a colour, shape or number of the week and learn to recognise their name. They become adept at changing their shoes and slippers and putting their coats on. We strive to promote our children’s independence and encourage a problem solving approach to our children meeting their goals.

We like to bring the outside in and take the inside out and our indoor and outdoor role-play areas support this philosophy. Badgers have our lovely Bunny Cottage to play in which exercises their imagination in open-ended activities with a real freedom to explore. There are window boxes which the children plant up and care for, a mud kitchen and bird boxes and bird feeders. The children can extend their interest and knowledge of the natural world through forest school activities. 

Our children are challenged in an age appropriate manner with stimulating resources relevant to their interests. A big focus is on child-initiated activities which helps our children’s creativity, learning and development to flourish. The arts and crafts area enables freedom of expression through mark making, junk modelling, malleable and tactile play.

The book corner can offer some quiet relaxation after a busy time on the bikes and scooters outside.

Our Badgers room lead, Marie, is actively involved in amateur dramatics and leads regular drama sessions for the children which are very popular.

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